Square & Round Angle EVA Plastic Foam Wall Corner Protector

Square & Round Angle EVA Plastic Foam Wall Corner Protector

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  • Colorful EVA Plastic Foam road Safety Wall Corner Protector


    EVA Plastic Corner Protector

    The EVA foam corner guards protect edge produced by our company mainly are used in the parking lot column. It is used the EVA foam shock absorption to protecting safety. And our EVA foam products have a clean, soft, beautiful surface, also used for decorating.

    Foam Corner Guards are used to cover hazardous corners and edges to prevent injuries.
    Perfect to protect people and vehicles from wall corners or the edges of an equipment.
    Foam corner protectors are lightweight and easy to install with plugs and screws.
    Foam corner guards are useful in recreational, educational, sports and parking facilities.
    They come in bright red and white colors to highlight dangerous corners and safe guard people.


    (1)Made of New Synthetic Materail,good material to protect vehicle and constructions because of its softness.

    (2)Various specifications and colors are available.

    (3)Non-toxic, durable and cold & hot resistant.

    (4)Easy installation and durable product.

    (5)Widely used in kindergarten, children amusement, park, parking lot, hospital, hotel, school, airport, office and elderly apartment.

    (6)Anti-bumping, shockproof, easy cleaning.

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