Trapezoid Reflective Guardrail Safety Delineators

Date: 2017-12-02 / views / From: LinYang Traffic Facilities

Guardrail Reflector  is easy to instal, with  high visibility. It is setted up along the road on both sides of the edge to indicate the direction of road, featuring back reflection performance of traffic safety facilities .


Widely used in highways, tunnels, bridges, winding roads, street signs, can be firmly fixed on the guardrail in the waveform, and even reflects light at night, not stunning, a driver correct directions of traffic induced by the role, particularly in the corners, mountain roads and more bends in a more prominent role, can greatly reduce traffic accidents.

What is a Road Delineator?

The delineator is fixed at the edges along both sides of the road,or fixed on the guardrails.It is used to display the road boundary profile,guiding the normal running of the vehicle,it is a kind of traffic safety facility.with retro reflective property.From the function,the delineator is a sight guidance facility. 

The Function of Road Delineator

Mainly used in tunnels, bridges, winding road, roadside, can be firmly fixed on the guardrail.It reflect uniform light in night,anti-glare. Playing a role in leading correct direction for Drivers.

especially in the corners, mountain road and curved region. greatly reduced the traffic accident.

A Sign of Safe-driving Warning.Specifications of Attached Delineator

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