Reflective Flexible PVC Road Traffic Safety Cone with Black Base

Reflective Flexible PVC Road Traffic Safety Cone with Black Base

  • Material:Plastic PVC
  • Size:36",29",28",19",30"
  • Weight:0.3kgs-4.2kgs
  • Port:Ningbo, Shanghai
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

  • Traffic Cones, also called Road Cones, Highway Cones, Safety Cones or Construction Cones.

    Traffic Cones are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner.

    Traffic Cones are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents, although heavier, more permanent markers or signs are used if the diversion is to stay in place for a long period of time.

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    -Strong capable of withstanding heavy duty forces.

    -PVC Traffic Cone made of special PVC Material that makes them highly flexible and durable.

    -Further, if a vehicle hits the Cone, it does not get damaged and comes back to its original state.

    -Containing UV-Cut

    PVC Traffic Cone

    The PVC cone could be twisted and pressed in 180 degrees. It could also reinstate when you make its top touch the floor, with high flexibility against the runover and impact of the cars. Because of good weather resistance, it won't deform in high tempreture 65°C and craze in low tempreture -30°C. Highly reflective, good warning effects at both day and night, anti-UV, aging resistance and durable. This traffic cone has a wide body profile for stability. Cone is injection molded with black base.Drive for the road separating the role of the warning; Coupled with the role of the lattice better.


    (1)It has favorable flexbility and can stand press of car,also it will not be broken if it is struck by    hard things.

    (2)It is sunproof,waterproof,heat-resistant,cold-resistant,non-rimous,color fast and soon.

    (3)The orange and white color reflect dazzing light and make the drivers see clearly.

    (4)It is sunproof, Anti-UV, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, non-rimous, colorfast and soon.

    (5)Reasonable design, the cone could be stacked one by one.

    (6)The orange and white color is very striking. At night, it can reflect dazzling light and make the driver see clearly.

    North America Standard Black Base Fluorescent PVC Road Traffic Safety Cone

    Height:   700mm    28"

    Weight:  3.2 kgs  7 lobs

    Base:      360X360mm

    Reflective Collars: High Intensity ASTM Standard Collars For PVC Cones

    PVC Material:  100% NEW Material, Anti-cold, Anti-UV

    Reflective Collar Material:   Meets ASTM Standard

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    RED PART:  Made of imported 100% NEW PVC

    Black Part : Made of Recycled PVC

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    Export to :  Canada, USA, Mexici, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, etc.


    PVC Traffic Cone are many types available as follows:

    Especial specification can be made as the buyer’s request.

    Red Base Model Height Base Size Weight
    LYLZ-201A 900mm(36") 360*360mm 4.2kgs  ( 9.25 lbs)
    LYLZ-202 720mm(29") 380*400mm 3.4kgs  ( 7.5 lbs)
    LYLZ-203A 700mm(28") 360*360mm 1.7kgs  ( 3.74lbs)
    LYLZ-203B 700mm(28") 350*350mm 2.3kgs  ( 5.07 lbs)
    LYLZ-205 470mm(19") 300*300mm 0.9kgs  (  2 lbs)
    LYLZ-206 450mm(18") 280*280mm 1.0kgs  ( 2.2 lbs)
    LYLZ-208 300mm(12") 210*210mm 0.6kgs  (  1.3lbs)
    LYLZ-209A 750mm(30") 360*360mm 2.4kgs  (  5.3lbs)
    LYLZ-212 150mm(6") 150*150mm 0.3kgs  (  0.66lbs)
    Black Base Model Height Base Size Weight
    LYLZ-201D 900mm(36") 360*360mm 4.2kgs ( 9.25 lbs)
    LYLZ-204A 700mm(28") 360*360mm 3.2kgs ( 7.05 lbs)
    LYLZ-204B 700mm(28") 360*360mm 2.4kgs (5.3 lbs)
    LYLZ-207 450mm(18") 280*280mm 1.6kgs ( 3.52 lbs)
    LYLZ-209B 750mm(30") 360*360mm 3.4kgs ( 7.5 lbs)
    LYLZ-210 710m(30") 360*360mm 3.2 kg  ( 7.05 lbs)
    LYLZ-211  910mm(36") 360*360mm 4.5/5.0/5.5 kgs ( 10/11/12 lbs)

    We understand well that USA customers like cones with 6"+4" colloars, or a single 6" collars , or without collar.And we use high quality ASTM standard reflectivce collars for our customers. So you can rest assured that our traffic cones can certainly meet your local standard. 

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    We designed the conntecting dots to be square instead of round, just to be apparently different from JBC's cones, so that our customers will not have any patent trouble when selling those cones in the USA or Canada. 

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    PVC Traffic Cone pack every pallet firmly so that the Cones can arrive at our customers'  place with goods shape.

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

    PVC Cones Being Crushed By Car:

    Flexible PVC Traffic Cone with Rubber Base

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